Available Equipment

The following technical capabilities are available at Meopta facilities as a support to the assembly process:

  • Adjusting and testing of optical parameters (focal distance, object/image distance, resolution, MTF, angle/location of input/output beam, etc.)
  • Precise centering of optical components in mechanical tubes (accuracy to ±0.005 mm)
  • Assembly with defined axial distances between particular optical components (accuracy to ±0,01 mm)
  • Technologies eliminating contamination of inner optical surfaces with dust and humidity
  • Assembly of water proof products, testing water-tightness
    • submerged in water (up to 30m water column)
    • with compressed air (for both inner and outer overpressure) – precision accuracy
  • CNC dosing devices for precise application of glues
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of incoming parts before assembly
  • Laser-printing technology (CO2, Nd YAG laser)
  • Out gassing chamber
  • Nitrogen purging