For over 40 years Meopta has been a premier manufacturer of aviation instrumentation wedges, windows and cover glass. Meopta was influential in developing today´s lighting wedge assembly and we remain at the cutting edge of optical technology for aircraft instrumentation.

Each Meopta aircraft instrumentation wedge, wedge assembly, window or cover glass is the product of high quality optical or filter glass.

Technologies and equipment

  • Precise shaping and drilling
  • Extensive coating design and implementation facilities and equipment
  • Tight tolerance alignment to minimize parallax error
  • Rigorous final product inspection and testing 
  • Suitable space and equipment for assembly


As a result for the care and attention to each step of production, Meopta’s wedges offer:
Transmission/reflectivity >99.00 transmission (98.2% for wedge assemblies)
Scratch/dig 40-20 or per customer specifications
Coatings Options include:
- Broadband anti-reflective coatings
- Hardening (scratch/chemical resistant)
- Thermal tempering
- Anti-moisture and anti-smudge coatings
- Anti-static in the range of Kohms for windows
EMI/RFI shielded Per customer requirements, utilizing conductive coatings and proprietary metalizing technology
Edges Ground to minimize internal reflection or metalized to enable hermetically sealed assembly
Tolerances Dimensional: +/- .025
Coatings: Mil-C 14806 and equivalent
Maximum dimensions 5” x 5” (127x127 mm)


Industrial Applications

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