Meopta has nearly a quarter century of experience in development and manufacturing of various medical aplications. 

A department of medical technology has been separated from the company Meopta – optika, Ltd. in 2007 and converted into an independent legal entity.

Thereby a new company Meomed, Ltd. was set up and today there is about 80 employees who are mainly engaged in production of Image Intensifiers for X- ray Imaging Devices called C-shaped frame (C-Bogen).

Meomed, Ltd. belongs to 4 companies in the world which are producing X-ray Image Intensifiers (so called II-Tubes).

At our facilities in Přerov we are producing 5 different sizes with diametr from 7", 9", 11", 13" and 16". Meomed is also able to supply the whole Image Chain which consist of leaded housing (of carbon, GFK or aluminium), RTG objective (with or without power-driven diaphragm) and integrated camera 1 / 2 K or 1 K.

Company Meomed, Ltd. is certfied according to EN ISO 13 485.

RTG - Objectives   X-ray Image Intensifier
Medical Luminometers
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MeoMed, Ltd.
Medical technology

Meomed the better solution for your health…

Kabelíkova 1,750 02 Přerov
Czech Republic
IČ: 27786889
DIČ: CZ27786889
Tel: +420 581 243 684


Industrial Applications

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