Periscopes are optical instruments for observation from a concealed position. Periscopes are used mainly by the armed forces – in armored vehicles, submarines, battle ships, bunkers, and gun turrets. They consist of a vertical tube in each end of which are mirrors set parallel to each other at a 45 degree angle to reflect the outside image.

Meopta periscopes are made of specialized optical glass to achieve maximum field of view, both horizontally and vertically. Optical surfaces are treated with anti-laser coatings for wavelengths 800, 900, 1064, 1540nm to assure that the observer is protected from laser radiation. All outer optical surfaces can be electro-heated to prevent both inner and outer dewing resulting from adverse climate conditions.

Meopta can offer periscopes of various lengths and sizes whose modern concept uses the latest vacuum technologies to reach the highest quality and greatest precision in the following areas:

  • Light transmission of optical systems – multi-layer antireflective coating MEO-BRITE MC (Multi-Coating)
  • Water-resistance – special optical coating layer MEO-ANTIRAIN repels water and water drops do not stay on outer optical surfaces

Military Applications

Soldier Systems

Armored Vehicles Optical Systems

Optical Systems and Subsystems

  • Marine / Air Forces Systems and Components
  • Training and Simulating Systems
  • Optical and Optronic Subsystems and Components
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