Presidential business mission to Israel

Meopta’s executives participated in the Presidential business mission to Israel which further bolstered our esteem among Israeli partners.

The most significant moment was the reception of a “Certificate of Excellence” in the category of “Research and Development”. This was accepted by Meopta’s owner Mr. Paul Rausnitz, in front of the President of the Czech Republic, Czech and Israeli Ministers and company representatives.


Photogallery from Presidential business mission:

Delegation disembarking the government plane on Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv

Access road to Jerusalem is bordered by the Czech and Israeli flags

A guide tells the history of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Two cities growing at a truly prodigious rate!  

Jaffa, one of the oldest port cities in the world 

Tel Aviv's beaches are open even in early October for swimming and surfing, temperatures are still just below 30 °C

Compulsory military service must also be completed Israeli girls

Manufacturers Association of Israel, the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, ČISOK, MPO ČR, Israel Export Institute and others attended the Israeli-Czech Business Seminar

After the seminars were the B2B meetings, which Mr. Paul Rausnitz could not miss...

Paul Rausnitz was personally presented to the President of the Czech Republic, ambassadors and ministers during a breakfast meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem

Meeting with Minister of Defence, Minister of Finance and President ČISOK

Visit of pharmaceutical company TEVA

The president heading to the Wailing Wall

Streets and markets of the Old City - Jerusalem

Preparing for the gala dinner: We had invited representatives of our major customer, familiarizing them with our new partners

The Gala Dinner at the Presidential Hall of King David Hotel in Jerusalem: Mr. Paul Rausnitz took a place of honor at the main table, next to our ambassador Pojar and near to the President of the Czech Republic

Mr. Gerald Rausnitz at a gala dinner in an interview with M. Hovorka, deputy of Minister of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic

During the gala dinner Mr. Paul Rausnitz accepted the award for Meopta: A Certificate of Excellence due to our cooperation with Israeli partners in the area Research and Development



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