MeoNight 1.1

Nightvision attachment MeoNight 1.1

Nightvision attachment MEONIGHT 1.1 is used in a combination with day sight riflescopes for handheld weapons shooting at night or it can be used separately as a nightvision monocular for night observation with magnification 1x, with additional module (booster) with magnification 3x.

The device is situated before a day sight riflescope by special adapter (just before the objective of the day sight riflescope) or by using a quick mounting on MIL-STD1913 rail of the weapon.

The device may be equipped with image intensifier tubes of all generations.

MeoNight 1.1 - Technical information  
Magnification 1x
Field of view 12,2°
IIT 64 (IIT XD-4 / Eg. Gen. III) / 72(IIT XR-5 / Eg. Gen. IV)?
Weight / Dimensions 650 g / 207 x 63 x 84 mm
Working temperatures -40°C / 55°C
Power 3V (CR 123)