Social responsibility and sponsoring

Meopta accepted the whole concept of social responsibility as its own and tries to apply it in all fields.

Emphasizing efficiency and effectivity of application and consistently evaluates social return of investments.

Přerov city and residents

Meopta is aware of its important position in the region and therefore, in cooperation with the city, very strongly supports Přerov hockey. The main objective is to provide an interesting space for extracurricular activities for children and youth, additionally the support produced a nice bonus; Přerov ice hockey stadium proudly bears the name MeoArena.


Support of Small Noe Foundation

This foundation is dedicated to young people who leave orphanages and do not have adequate facilities for further life. Mr. Rausnitz personally provided considerable funds for the construction of starter housing for young people in Přerov.

Mr. Paul Rausnitz placed great emphasis on the family and its cohesion, which was primarily due to the dramatic experiences of the war. Therefore, he gave a lot of attention to children from children's home in Přerov, he financially supported a variety of beautiful events and he personally visited the children frequently.


Czech Biathlon Union

Meopta has been working with the Czech Biathlon Union for many years ( The main reason being, that biathlon is one of the few sports where our products are used. Czech national team coaches were directly involved in the development of new MeoStar spective S2 82 HD and provided us with very valuable ideas from their own experience. The Czech team uses the said device and thanks to the recent excellent sporting results, Meopta brand is presented very nicely.


Czech Society for Ornithology

Another important Meopta’s partner is CSO - Czech Society for Ornithology ( Ornithologists are the most important group of users who use spectives, therefore, that cooperation has been going on for many years. Meopta also consulted the development of MeoStar S2 82 HD with observers of nature and thanks to it, this spective is ranked among the best devices in the world. Meopta supports CSO activities, for example the Greeting of bird singing, avifauna festival purchase of land for the establishment of a bird sanctuary in Josefov meadows. Furthermore, Meopta provides the CSO members with discounts when buying their personal telescopes and organizes regular meetings with ornithologists and familiarization with the products. As a return, the CSO presents Meopta as a good and reliable partner, the connection works profitably for both sides.


The Czech-Moravian Hunting Union

Similarly, a fruitful cooperation exists with ČMMJ (Czech-Moravian Hunting Association) ( In this area, it is crucial to provide sufficient space for communication between the company and the largest group of users of Meopta products - hunters. This area is very lively and clearly leads to the fact that Meopta develops its products tailor-made to suit their needs. In reverse, ČMMJ informs its members about news and promotes Meopta as a reliable domestic supplier.


Czech Republic Army

Almost throughout the whole of its existence, Meopta has been traditionally cooperating with the Army of the Czech Republic ( Without mutual close contact, Meopta wouldn’t be able to develop and produce devices suitable for the extreme conditions of combat missions. That is why Meopta greatly supports many sport and competitive activities of both Army and Police for soldiers, adults, children and youth.

The company invests in environmentally friendly solutions in order to preserve healthy environment and maintain Better view of the world

  • Systematic elimination of environmental impacts and its prevention
  • Certification ISO 14001
  • Using the latest technology to enhance production efficiency and waste reduction
  • Permanent activities focused on energy savings in company
  • Reduction of emissions of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere by installing two new catalytic oxidation units
  • Continuous reduction of emissions of other chemicals
  • Responsible attitude of employees towards the environment
  • Sharing of corporate environmental policy among employees of Meopta
  • The highest possible recycling rate in production and beyond
  • Recovery of solvents in our own distillation plant and its re-use in production facilities in our company.
  • Sorting of waste in all operations of the company - containers for recycling within company premises
  • Use of waste (used chemicals) between workshops
  • The use of optical glass waste (prisms and lenses) as teaching aids in schools
  • Project Green Company - disposal of electrical and electronic equipment within the company for employees, event in cooperation with REMA Company
  • Conservation of natural resources and their development
  • Use of renewable energy
  • The planned cultivation of Meopta surroundings and the company premises


As the basic of long-term prosperity Meopta cooperates with high schools and universities and supports extending studies about natural sciences.

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