Interferometric Laboratory

Interferometric laboratory

Interferometric laboratory is equipped with two 4" interferometers and one 6"interferometer. In horizontal set up there is a 4" interferometer ZYGO GPI XP and a 6" interferometer ZYGO VeriFire ATZ, both placed on pneumatic anti-vibration tables. In vertical set up there is a 4"interferometer OWI 150 XT 1250 with interferometric unit ZYGO VeriFire PE.

These interferometers allow us to measure following parameters:

  • Shape of polished surfaces, spherical as well as plane (Surface figure)
  • Transmitted or reflected beam wavefront deformation
  • Angle deviation or wedge on plan parallel glasses
  • Angle deviation of corner prisms and rectangular prisms
  • Glass homogeneity

Measurement outputs can be made per norm ISO-10110-5. Data achieved from measurements on our interferometers are also used by our designers and technologists for development and optimization of various products and production processes.

Measurement accuracy:

  • Surface figure and wavefront deformation < λ/20
  • Angle measurement < 1"

Interferometr Optotech OWI 150 XT 4“Interferometr ZYGO VeriFire ATZ 6“

Surface roughness measurement

For inspection of roughness of mainly optically polished surfaces we use profilometer Zygo NewView 7100. It is optical profilometer and roughness measuring device based on white light interferometry.

Roughness measurement RMS from 0,1 Å (0,01nm).
Maximum height profiles app. 1mm.
Camera distinction 992x992 px.
Motorized table 150x150mm allows use of stitching function and pattern function, tilt of the table is ± 4°, max sample height 120mm.
Software Zygo MetroPro, ver.9. - standard and special roughness parameters, 2D and 3D image.
Used objectives: 2,5x, 10x, 50x

New View 7100

3D measurement

For inspection of shape exacting mechanical dimensions on optical parts with high accuracy, the optical division is equipped with 3-D measuring device Zeiss Contura G2 HTG with scanning system VAST XXT.

Measurement accuracy is ± (1,8+L/250) μm

Contura G2

Angle measurement

For accurate measurement of angles on optical parts we use goniometer Trioptics (f´=300mm) and laboratory goniometer Carl Zeiss. Measurement accuracy is ± 0,5".

Goniometr Trioptics

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