Nanotechnology employs advanced scientific methods for the generation, production and utilization of micro and nano particles (from 10-6 to 10-9 m). Nanotechnology currently plays a significant role in many fields and will no doubt be a one of most influential areas of science and advancement in the coming decades.

Meopta’s nanotechnology center is a new and dynamic component of its Research &Development department. Its team of highly experienced engineers have developed many new and innovative products in this field, including advanced optical tweezers -- Laser Microscope Adapters (LMA), which allows optical micromanipulations on traditional light microscopes. The LMA is inserted between the body of the microscope and the microscope objective to accurately guide the beam of the laser for extremely precise observation and control.

Optical Tweezers, employ “optical trap“ technology to confine micro- and sub-micro objects within the focus of a laser beam. This allows for the three dimensional capture and precise manipulation of micro particles in a controlled environment.

The LMA supports the following laser based techniques to significantly expand the capabilities of traditional optical microscopes:

  • Optical micromanipulation with micro-objects or living cells (optical tweezers)
  • Micro-cutting (laser scalpel or laser scissors)
  • Creation of polymer micro-structures by focused-beam-induced photopolymerization and some of the advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques (e.g. FRAP - Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching, FLIP – Fluorescence Loss In Photobleaching)

LMAs direct visible, UV or IR laser radiation through the optical path of the microscope, which allows for non contact manipulation of micro-objects with dimensions ranging from 0.1-30 µm.
The Meopta LMA is a versatile device capable employing the following techniques for use in many diverse applications.

  • Biological micro-manipulation, fluorescence techniques
  • Compatible with a UV to IR picosecond diode laser with a power of 100-200 mW and a repetition rate of less than 10 ns
  • Fluorescent stimulation of living cells and micro-cutting (laser scalpel) of the biological structures
  • Optical cutting and manipulation (micro-dissection)

Meopta continues to push the limits of optical trapping and manipulation technology as it develops new instruments and techniques to advance this important and rapidly growing field.

For more details see LMA-1, LMA-2, LMA-3, LMA-4.

Industrial Applications

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