NVS (Night Vision Sights) are opto-mechanical devices using Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT) for residual ambient illumination intensifying. NVS are determined for target aiming in reduced light conditions. NVS are capable of operating reliably within light conditions up to 3x10-3 lx.

We can customize NVS with different image intensifier tubes and optical assembly designs based on their intended use.

NVS are integral equipment to armed forces around the world. Meopta’s NVS technology offers broader applications and additional convenience and reliability. Meopta’s aim is to remain at the forefront of technological advancement in the area of night vision so it can provide the absolute highest quality equipment.

Military Applications

Soldier Systems

Armored Vehicles Optical Systems

Optical Systems and Subsystems

  • Marine / Air Forces Systems and Components
  • Training and Simulating Systems
  • Optical and Optronic Subsystems and Components
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