Meopta actively participates on mutually beneficial cooperation with universities, scientific laboratories and other scientifically oriented institutions in the Czech Republic. This cooperation enables us to stay on top in the area of optics and soft mechanics development as well as be able to take part in various research and development projects, subsidized by public and European Union funds. Meopta sees a great potential in building a relationship with universities and offers long term employment for their graduates.

We cooperate on a long-term basis with the Faculty of Science, Palacky University in Olomouc and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering VUT Brno.

Students can gain practical experience throughout their studies and are encouraged to take part in projects and grants. With prior agreement students can also participate in various European trade shows and exhibitions. Those interested can sign up for a thesis topic set by our specialists.

Students can also participate in a one semester course Montage joustage and receive three credits for participating in 8 hours of practical training.

Cooperation with Universities is very broad and is not limited only to technical subjects. An example can be our cooperation with philosophical faculty, Palacky University in Olomouc and our participation in a project funded by the European social fund and by the Czech Republic state budget aimed at Innovative English communication skills. The goal was to increase the competitiveness of fresh graduates on the labor market by making their English communication skills more effective. More information can be found here.

Scholarship program for university students

Meopta supports students of the following universities with specific majors:

We offer:

  • Interest free loan up to 30 000 CZK per year
  • Scholarship throughout the studies of 3000 CZK per month
  • Opportunity to gain practical experience throughout the studies – paid internships
  • Chance to participate at international trade shows – IWA, Optatec, etc.
  • Project cooperation
  • Special educational activities subsidization up to 15 000 CZK
  • Possibility to sign up for thesis topics
  • Receive credits for work as a part of the study program
  • Working contract for indefinite period
  • Possibility to work in Meopta USA



We expect:

  • Good academic results
  • Self-driven approach
  • Willingness to grow

Bachelors and Dissertation Papers

„Opportunity to participate in the scholarship program was a great way 
to gain experience while still at school followed by a job offer“
Lenka Fialová, graduated in Digital and Machine Optics at PřFUP, Optics Constructor.

Bachelors and Dissertation Papers

  • We are offering mentoring and practical experience. Even though we will not write the paper for you, we can help you. Cooperating on writing a thesis is a good way of getting to know the company better.
  • Writing a thesis based on our recommended topics can significantly improve your chances in receiving a job offer.

“To be able to write a thesis at Meopta was a big challenge for me. 
I was surprised by the nice mentors, who were very patient and helpful 
and significantly helped me to successfully defend my thesis.” 
Ing. Jana Martinková, Leader Industrial Engineering

Application for university student scholarship program