KLA Supplier Award

Meopta received a Technology Achievement Award from KLA, a world leader in semiconductor inspection systems. This award was presented to Meopta “In Recognition of Outstanding Technical Competence and Technology Roadmap Alignment in Support of KLA’s Programs”. It was presented to Meopta by Bret Whiteside, Director of Optical Engineering, Serguei Likhanski, Sr. Optical Material Engineer and Leanne Chen, Sr. Strategic Supply Chain Manager. A special thank you was expressed by the KLA team to all the people in Meopta’s Optics Division for their dedication and contribution to KLA’s products.

Meopta has a long-standing relationship with KLA as an OEM sub-systems supplier going back to 2006 and over time KLA has become one of our largest strategic customers. The recently announced expansion of our production and R&D capacity in response to the highly increased demand for optics, sensors and sub-systems from the semiconductor industry contributed to this award for Meopta.

KLA is an international corporation with headquarters in California, USA and is one of the world leaders in process control and yield management systems for the semiconductor industry and other related nanoelectronics industries. The company's products and services are intended for all phases of wafer, reticle, integrated circuit (IC) and packaging production, from research and development to final volume manufacturing in the segment of chip manufacturing (semicon). The company has more than 10 000 employees with revenues over €5.8 billion and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (USA stock exchange).

Meopta - optika and Meopta USA with manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and the USA are both global OEM suppliers of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic sub-systems, as well as full turnkey systems for the Semiconductor, Biomedical, Aerospace, Film&Projection and Defense&Military markets. With over 1,4 million square feet of production space and more than 1800 employees Meopta is an essential part of our customers success.