Standard Assembly

Meopta’s standard assembly areas facilitate adjustment and alignment of fine mechanical, optical and electronic components, including quality control and accurate measurements of final products.

Assembly operations are mainly done in flow-boxes with HEPA filters, providing desktop purity of ISO 1000. 

The following technical capabilities are available at Meopta facilities as a support to the assembly process:

  • Adjusting and testing of optical parameters (focal distance, object/image distance, resolution, MTF, angle/location of input/output beam, etc.)
  • resolution measurement, MTF, interferometric measurement
  • Precise centering of optical components in mechanical tubes (accuracy to ±0.001 mm)
  • Assembly with defined axial distances between particular optical components (accuracy to ±0,01 mm)
  • Technologies eliminating contamination of inner optical surfaces with dust and humidity with compressed air or nitrogenium (for both inner and outer overpressure) – precision accuracy
  • Assembly of water proof products, testing water-tightness submerged in water (up to 30m water column)
  • Electrical assembly in areas with the regime of protection against ESD"
  • CNC dosing devices for precise application of glues
  • Laser-printing technology (CO2, Nd YAG laser)
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Hydrophobic coating application