Optical Systems Metrology

We have extensive experience of optical systems measuring in Meopta test laboratories.

Our personnel and our equipment guarantee that the measuring results are valid and accurate. We measure optical systems parameters in a wide spectrum (UV, VIS, IR).

Geometrical Measuring

In Meopta test laboratories we measure magnification, distortion, field curvature, chromatic aberration, vignetting and other characteristics of sophisticated optical systems, which we deliver to our customers or the customer needs a professional feedback to the quality of his product.


We offer to our customers wide range of photometric measuring, such as measuring of optical system transmittance (UV, VIS, NIR), stray light, brightness, illumination and power of light.

Image Quality and Wavefront Analysis

We use several methods for image quality and wavefront analysis in Meopta test laboratories. We have special devices for MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) measuring, very well equiped interferometric laboratory and also we developed our own (designed and built by Meopta engineers) Shack-Hartmann Sensor, which can detect PV, RMS, Strehl Ratio, PSF, Seidel aberrations and Zernike coefficients.