Structural calculations

We put high level of importance to structural calculations during the development of our products.

It is necessary to map the causes and course of tension in opto-mechanical assemblies, whose parameters are often on the edge of physical limits in order to design of a perfect product.

Changes in the product, due to thermal shock, vibration and impact or improper design solution can have a major effect on the optical output. Identification of critical nodes and finding the optimal design solution is supported by FEM (Finite Elements Method) Abaqus software and for simpler calculations we use Creo Simulate. Combining these pieces of software we are able to cover a large portion of the customer's needs. We place great emphasis on research and further improvement of computational and simulation methods.

That is why we cooperate with the CVUT FS Prague (Czech Technical University - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), where we get the support and space for research activities in the field of simulations and analyses.