Red Dot Sights

In the area of weaponry, red dot sights are optical devices that are mounted to a gun in front of (or instead of) a classical sight and make aiming easier.

They are similar to riflescopes, but they have a source of illumination – a diode that sends a beam of light against the lens with antireflective coating, resulting in an image of a reticle (e.g. a red dot) appearing as if in infinity. Red dot sights allow the viewer to see the entire field of view and a reflection of the projected reticle simultaneously.

Meopta red dot sights are compatible with night vision sights and can be used with both day and night magnifying models. They allow quick and accurate aiming, day or night. Their innovative design and advanced vacuum technologies promote precision, reliability and quality in the following area:

  • Light transmission of optical systems – multilayer antireflective coating MEO-BRIGHT MC (Multi-Coating)
  • Water-resistance – special optical coating layer MEO-ANTIRAIN repels water and water drops do not stay on outer optical surfaces
  • Projection of red dot image – newly developed thin coating layers system MEO-REDDOT MC with high transmittance in a viewer’s direction and with optimal reflex towards viewer
  • Compatibility in night mode – optical coatings MEO-NVD MC
  • Unique design minimizes astigmatism
  • Intuitive electronics for easy control and adjustment of red dot, day or night mode
  • Enhanced mechanical manufacture and ruggedized design using advanced alloys (Aircraft grade Aluminum 6061-T651) with special surface treatment MEO-ANODIZATION 3
  • Waterproof and designed to meet standard military specifications (MIL STD 810 F, STANAG 2985 a STANAG 2914)