Vision and mission

Meopta will be the world leader in providing innovative solutions in niche markets for imaging & illumination systems in the areas of consumer, industrial and military optics.

We strive for excellence by increasing added value content to our products and by increasing stakeholder value.

We build on long tradition of opto-mechanics and opto-electronics products - from initial idea, research and development to manufacturing testing and supplying - also on compliance all ethics and law rules and policies including environmental protection.


Politics fullfillment of vision

Politics fullfillment of vision

Customers satisfaction

Meopta's goal is to provide top innovative solutions with the best ratio of added value and costs with personal approach and hight professionalism. To build long-term partnerships all over the world with emphasis on mutual satisfaction.


Development of technologies is area of corporate strategy, which needs to be improved continuously.
In production technologies we want to balance on the edge of manufacturability and set the trend of further development in the field of optics and precision mechanics. We want to continuosly invest to high-tech measuring machines, software and other technologies. To keep the high level of our technological capabilities and skills and offer solutions which will meet the latest technical, technological and world-wide trends.

Environmental responsibility

We are fully committed to complying with all requirements and best practices to help protect the environment. We continually strive to improve in this area and demonstrate our environmental leadership.

Process control and quality

We will ensure to long term improving quality of our products and processes. In doing so, we will always respect the key objectives in the most efficient use of resources. Achieving this goals by improving internal processes, quality of our work, deepening the general awareness of the importance of quality for all employees, elimintating processes, which do not bring added value and putting preasure on quality producing, not controled and checked. Our goal will always be flexibility and efficiency, high level of professionalism, fulfillment of required terms and maximum accuracy in reporting quality information and process information. Process improvement and quality will be based on objective and real measurable parameters, datas and information which links to specific steps leading to their improvement. Our goal is to minimize high demanding control of production and to ensure the required quality of production will be produced itself.

Risk management

At all levels of management we consider risks by thy form of identification of risks and opportunities, their evaluation and estabilishment of measures to prevent or mitigate impact of risks.
We are estabilishing the role of risk manager, which is also member of the company management.
Risk management is integrated to existing process control system, risks are analyzed and evaluated in risk analysis,measures against risks and risk plans by the process owners.
Risk management is regularly evaluated by risk managers and risk analysis and measures against risks are updated by process owners.

Company infrastructure

We provide long term improvement the quality of company's infrastructure. In doing so, we always respect the key objectives of the company. We achieve these goals by continually improving internal processes, quality of our work and putting preasure on elimination of process non-vaue added processes.
The main mision and vision in the company infrastructure is profesional providing all supporting activities and services necessary not only for the company now but it's future development, which supports the core business of the company. Continuous improvement of company infrascture is essential part of every prospering company. Quality and functional infrastrucure gives us support and so helps the management of the entire company and also enables us for quick response to customers requirements. Building and continually improving corporate infrastructure is key are in our corporate strategy, therefore we want to keep investing into this area. We want to offer solutions which meets modern standards and are the basis of further success and growth.

Social responsibility

Goal of Meopta company is develop in relation to the region and people in it. Meopta is and wants to stay respectfull and wanted employer. Support sport, social and charity events, which goals is also "make better view of the world". Our goals is to developing and supporting research and educational programs in the fields of optics and precision mechanices, so our region would be in top of the world. These principles can be built only by preserving traditional values such as hard work, respect for partners and active approach to envrionmental protection.