Combined Day/Night Driver’s Scope CDND-1

It is a combined day/night driver’s system. Day and night channels are combined making it more convenient for the driver as there is no need to change devices.

The day channel is made up of two prisms cut from specialized optical glass for an extra large field of view. It is equipped with anti-laser filter for wavelengths 800, 900, 1064, 1540 nm.

The day channel also allows stereoscopic surveillance of terrain, which allows for distance estimates. The night channel is night visual, which means it intensifies stray light through micro-channel image intensifier tubes with integrated auto-gating and control functions. All outer glass surfaces are electro-heated to prevent misting and fogging under adverse weather conditions both inside and outside the vehicle.

  • Remarkable field of view
  • Electrical focusing function
  • Watertight construction
  • Optimized anti-laser protection
CDND-1 Technical Specification
Magnification (day channel / night channel) 1x / 1x
Field of view (day channel / night channel) 90° x 45° / 45° x 25°
Image intensifier tube (type / generation) XD-4 / eq. Gen. II
Integral transmission 55%
Power supply 24V ± 4V
Operating temperature range -33°C to 63°C
Dimensions 365 x 236 x 194 mm
Weight 18 kg