Soldiers Personal Systems

Handheld optical devices

Soldiers personal systems are mainly handheld optical devices, which features easy carying and they are ready to use in seconds.

Optical devices in this category are Compact riflescopes, enlarging modules, night vision devices, colimators and tactical riflescopes.

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Military Optical Instruments


The Defence Forces (DF) flag in the name of the device refers to devices intended for use in armed forces and is part of its name; it is laser-engraved on an optical device (example: MeoForce DF 3-12x50, MeoDot DF T).

Environmental Trials

All DF-flagged optical instruments undergo 100% testing under working and storage temperatures, vibration and impact tests and other climatic and mechanical tests according to MIL-STD 810G

All optical instruments with the DF mark in the name are repeatedly tested to ensure their leak tightness. This is verified by an internal overpressure test and then an external overpressure test. These tests are critical to ensuring the integrity of the internal components in the event of rapid changes in temperature or pressure.

All DF-marked optical instruments undergo double the number of shock, vibration and climate tests as commercial optical devices do to ensure they are able to withstand the stresses experienced in the armed forces.

The optical parameters  of all DF-marked optical instruments are 100% controlled before and after environmental tests to ensure durability, repeatability, and product integrity at each stage.

Design, Technology and Manufacturing Processes

Meopta uses the latest optical materials and, thanks to the precision machining of optical elements and mechanical components, its products provide high viewing comfort, colour rendering, and resolution and contrast of the observed target.

Mechanical components on all DF-marked optical devices are manufactured and assembled in a durable manner to preserve the integrity of the product when subjected to extreme shocks and vibrations such as fully automatic fire and explosive environments.

Devices undergo accurate calibration using special measuring and testing devices; all undergo a strict 100% control of the main optical and opto-mechanical parameters of the instruments as well as MIL-STD 810G resistance tests.

The accuracy of observation and aiming, the precision of control rectifier poles, the inclination of the deliberate pattern, the maximum range of settings and resistance to kickback all meet the high requirements of the relevant military standards.

All devices are filled with nitrogen which prevents fogging of the optics when there are sudden changes in ambient temperatures.

All DF-marked optical instruments have the option to adjust the illumination of the aiming mark, which also allows compatibility with Night Vision Devices (NVDs).

Optical Quality and Performance

All DF-marked optical instruments are made only from the best optical elements made in our own manufacturing plant.

Specially developed multiple layers of MeoShield, MeoDrop, MeoBright or MeoLux are applied to the external optical surfaces of the instruments, which make our optics capable of withstanding the most challenging requirements for MIL-STD 810G optical instruments, even under conditions in the field.

The MeoShield layer protects the outer lens surfaces from scratching and abrasion. The special hydrophobic Meoing even in the dark and under dim lighting conditions.

Guarantee and Quality Assurance

All products marked DF which we supply to the armed forces are covered by warranty. The length of the warranty is determined based on individual customer requirements (it does, for example, depend on the environment in which the products will be used). Civilian products which are deployed for use in armed forces are not covered by warranty.