TKN-3BP Combined Day/Night Commander’s System for BMP-2 (BMP-1)

TKN-3BP is an innovative combined device for the commander of an armored vehicle or tank for day or night surveillance of targets, terrain, and vehicles, during battle situations.

It can also be used to make accurate distance measurements. Its design is based on the time-proven TKN-3B and features an innovative night channel. Only one pair of eyepieces are needed for both the day and night channels, which facilitates a seamless transition from day mode to night mode. In addition, the device is passive which means it does not need additional IR searchlights for us during most nights. It is also equipped with built-in eyepiece heating for winter conditions and is interchangeable with the previous TKN-3B without the need for any modifications to the vehicle.

  • Fully passive – without using infra searchlights
  • Effective range up to 800 m
  • Interchangeable with previous version without the need for any modifications
TKN-3BP Technical Specification
Magnification (day channel / night channel) 4,75x / 3,75x
Field of view (day channel / night channel) 9,5° / 10,5°
Resolution 12” / 31 lpmm
Image intensifier tube (type / generation) XD-4 / eq. gen III
XR5 / eq. gen IV
Power supply 26V ± 4V
Operating temperature range -30°C to 50°C
Dimensions 205 x 370 x 422 mm
Weight 12 kg