Cleanroom assembly

Meopta’s cleanroom assembly environments support the most demanding industries such as the semiconductor industry, where we assemble systems for our customers who serve leading manufacturers of computer microchips.

Production environments meet the stringent requirements for such production; we fulfill the ISO standard 14644-1, class 3-6, also molecular purity AMC where we meet the ISO standard 14644-8, class -9. Immediate state of purity is monitored by online particle counter.

Material cleaning is conducted by an ultrasonic dishwasher and pressure washing. We use purified and demineralized water (UPW), whose quality is verified by conductivity check, where it reaches 0,056 uS/cm.

Drying is done by electrically heated thermal dryer and blowing with 99.999% nitrogen.

Degassing of the material is done by a vacuum furnace.
The assembled devices are set at the special stations which are placed on anti-vibration tables and work both in a wide spectral range, as well as one wavelength in the DUV radiation.

We use Precision autocollimators and Shack-Hartmann detector or an interferometer to measure sub-assemblies.

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Cleanroom assembly

Did you know?

That systems and subsystems manufactured in Meopta are used by top companies in semicon wafer inspection industry.