Meopta Product Service

Meopta sports optics products are finely tuned precision optical instruments. Crafted from the finest materials utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in our Total Quality Control environment, every one of our products is designed and built to provide a lifetime of exceptional performance.

completing the enclosed mail-in registration form (hereinafter the “proper registration”).


Without proper registration, a Standard Warranty valid for 10 years from the purchase date is applied.

In case of any warranty claims the customer must submit the Warranty Certificate and purchase receipt.

Warranty claims will not be accepted without these documents!

In the event of a malfunction or failure of your Meopta sports optic product, please contact either the Local Authorized Meopta Dealer in the country where your product was purchased (dealer list can be found on or Meopta – optika, s.r.o. directly if you are from an EU country. Once properly returned to an Authorized Meopta Dealer or Meopta – optika, s.r.o., an expert determination will be made as to the defect of the product and whether it falls under the warranty conditions stated herein (only complete devices can be accepted for warranty repair).


  1. The 30 year extended warranty can be applied to all riflescopes of MeoStar series and Artemis (2000, 2100 and 3000) series, MeoSight and MeoRed red dot sights, MeoStar binoculars and the bodies of spotting scopes MeoStar S1, MeoStar S2 and TGA 75.
  2. Accessories which include eyepieces, lens caps, tripod adapter, carrying cases, binocular converters, exchangeable eyepieces, photo-adapters, and MeoPix adapters are not covered under the 30 Year Transferable Warranty.
  3. Products from the ZD category of riflescopes have a 2-year warranty which can be extended to 10-years upon registration.  All MeoPro riflescopes and binoculars carry a Standard Warranty of 10-years and cannot be extended under any circumstance.
  4. MeoRange rangefinding binoculars can have the warranty extended to 30-years upon registration, (as in rule 1) but this does not cover electronic parts which carry a non-extendable 2-year warranty.
  5. In the case that a product covered under warranty should be replaced and is no longer offered or available, Meopta will provide the most suitable equivalent product as a replacement.
  6. Any products not covered under warranty may be repaired or replaced after inspection and a quotation for service or upgrade charge has been issued.

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