Dimensional Metrology

With many years of experience with measurement methods development in a wide spectrum of applications.

Meopta has extensive experience in dimensional measuring and to ensure quality measurements for our customers we have several laboratories with controlled environments. We are able to measure most of the length parameters including shape and surface deviation.

We use standard measuring devices (calipers, micrometers, thread gauges, etc.) and also several hi-tech microscopes and 3D measuring machines (CMM – Coordinate Measuring Machines).

Our CMMs from Carl Zeiss have a rotary head with scanning sensor. Measuring range of our biggest machine is 1000 x 1600 x 600 mm with the accuracy of E0,MPE =1,9 + L/300 (μm). Usage of CAD models makes the measuring process programming very fast. Our measuring software includes the module for 2D and 3D curves evaluation.

Our metrology equipment and capabilities

Testing methods and equipment for testing after heat treatment

  • measuring of hardness Rockwell (HRC, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N ), Vickers (HV)a Brinell (HB)
  • gauge types INTRON WOLPERT R TESTOR 2003, HPO 250, RB1 and ZWICK

Measuring with CNC microscope

  • axis range: 200 x 250 x 100 mm
  • linear scanners 0,5µm
  • measuring uncertainty:  X,Y axis - 2,5+0,006L µm (L= measured length in mm), Z axis -  5+0,006L µm (L= measured length in mm)

Measuring of length parameters

  • measuring of inner and outer dimensions with accuracy of 0,0002 mm
  • range of outer measuring:  0 – 305 mm
  • range of inner measuring: 10 – 205 mm
  • measuring of external threads pitch
  • we use the linear measuring device SIP 305M

Contour and roughness measuring

  • measuring uncertainty: ± 0,5+L/100 µm
  • measuring range: X and Z axis to 425mm
  • X and Z axis distinction: 0,002 µm
  • we use the OPTACOM VC10 measuring device, which can measure contour and roughness in one measuring operation and is equipped with a rotational table