DND-5F Combined Day/Night Driver’s Systems for BMP-2 (BMP-1)

New combined driver’s system for BMP-2 vehicle can be used for both day and night conditions under natural lighting within range 1x10–3 lx (passive mode), and with searchlights with an IR filter during active mode.

Active mode is used only during extremely low night lighting and poor surveillance conditions (dark atmosphere, ride in the woods, etc.) when there is minimal danger of being spotted by an enemy.

This device is equipped with an objective focusing mechanism and effective electro-heating for adverse weather conditions. Micro-channel image intensifiers can be added in accordance with customer needs. It is interchangeable with previous versions and similar driver systems (TVNE-1PA and TNPO-170A) without the need for any modifications of the vehicle.

  • Large field of view
  • Fully passive
  • Electrical focusing functions
  • Watertight construction
  • Anti-laser filter for wavelengths 800, 900, 1064, 1540 nm
  • Interchangeable with previous versions without necessity of any modifications
DND-5F Technical Specification
Magnification (day channel / night channel) 1x / 1x
Field of view (day channel / night channel) 80° x 27° / 45° x 28°
Resolution 1-3’/ 44 lpmm
Image intensifier tube (type / generation) DEP II Super Gen.
Power supply 24V ± 4V
Operating temperature range -31°C to 52°C
Dimensions 315 x 159 x 182 mm
Weight 6,5 kg