Night vision devices

Night Vision Devices (NVD) opto-mechanical devices using Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT) for residual ambient illumination intensifying.

Such devices are able to operate reliably from day light conditions up to 3x10-3 lx in passive regime.

NVD can be used for various mission types including border protection, land target reconnaissance and search and rescue operations. The NVD are designed to meet standard device parameters for military applications, however Meopta can customize the NVD with different image intensifier tubes in order to optimize the device for its intended use.

NVD can be also used together with magnifying optical modules for longer distance observing.

NVD are integral equipment to armed forces around the world. Meopta’s NVD technology offers broader applications and additional comfort and reliability. Meopta’s aim is to remain at the forefront of technological advancement in the area of night vision so it can provide the absolute highest quality equipment.