All-in-one Service

From the initial idea to the final product: Meopta delivers a sophisticated all in one service, which is flexible and cost effective.

Meopta provides full services for a wide range of applications. Our process begins with the initial idea and continues to the design, development, serial production, system integration and measurement and testing. All under one roof.     

Thanks to years of experience, Meopta has developed a robust and functional customer cooperation system, which ensures that every part of the process is covered with the highest care.

Our unique All-in-one service means that tasks of each individual development and production cycle phase is solved in respect to the whole and final performance requirements.

We seek out long-term partnerships. Pre- and aftersales service is an inseparable part of our approach towards successful customer cooperation.

The four pillar approach

Global Engineering Network

Internal R&D

We are ready to support your engineering and development needs with our highly experienced internal engineering team. This team focuses on our core competencies in optical components and system design, thin film coating design, mechanical design, product design, and measurement methods design.

Global, Lean, and Specialized R&D teams

To support any of our customer’s breakthrough or specialized design request, we also work with R&D partners all around the world who focus on specific design fields or industries. This allows us to expand Meopta’s capability to offer our customers a full service environment, which is managed by Meopta as a single point of contact and combines our internal and external R&D capacities.


Managing our internal and external R&D capabilities allows Meopta to make sure design work takes into account Meopta’s production technologies and capabilities and we make sure these are built into the design right from the beginning. This allows Meopta to leverage cost effective design work for our customers and speeds up the industrialization process of bringing design work and prototyping to effective serial production. We also adapt this approach to any customer designs for either “built-to-print” or Critical Design Review requests.

Component and Systems Builder

In-house production

We offer high quality precision manufacturing. Our in house capabilities and capacities in both optics manufacturing (~850 people) and mechanical manufacturing (~500 people) allow us to provide flexible and quality controlled manufacturing solutions to our customers.

System integration

Our highest level of specialization and main core competency is effectively integrating optical components, mechanical components, electrical components, cabling work, etc. to a system or sub-system level in up to class 10 molecular clean room environments. We support this process by a highly skilled team (~300 People) along with control procedures and verification operations, which are integrated into our assembly process allowing us to ensure the quality of your final product.

Global Sourcing

Comprehensive supplier base

We support our internal production capacities and capabilities with our strategic purchasing team who constantly develop our global supplier base. We leverage this supplier base in order to sustain our cost competitiveness and component needs, which we do not manufacture in house. All purchased items are quality controlled and tested to meet spec requirements.

Make vs. Buy

We always strive to provide you the most cost effective solutions. Our strategic purchasing team ensures this approach by a strong Make vs. Buy review process, which focuses on analyzing and comparing component specifications and their global manufacturability and pricing levels.

Quality control

Metrology (Meopta Testing Labs)

In order to guarantee our quality, we consider Quality Control as one of our key areas in order to successfully service our customers. We specialize in sophisticated measurement and metrology procedures and jig developments focused on in-process inspection, final product testing, and end-use simulation, which allows us to have the ability to deliver “plug-and-play” systems supported by accurate testing protocol documentation as per customer requirements.

Designed and Build to Specifications or Build to Print

We want our customers to focus on their core business!
How do we work? We build up our customer approach on the base of our stable and proven four pillars strategy.
Our customers are always served individually. Specific needs require specific solutions.

Do you have your drawings ready?
Do you have your idea, but not sure about the final solution?
We can solve both!
We will take care of reliable delivery and trusted quality.