BPK-3 Combined Day/Night Gunner’s System for BMP-2 (BMP-1)

BPK-3 is an innovated combined day/night gunner’s system used for surveillance and aiming.

This version of previous BPK-2-42 has a brand new night channel including electronics. It has superior effective range, resolution, and makes possible effective shooting up to 2000 m. It is passive and it does not need use of IR searchlights during most nights.

BPK-3 is equipped with electro-heating. Outer dimensions were not changed which makes replacement of previous versions easy as there is no need to make modifications on a vehicle.

  • Effective shooting range using night channel up to 1000 m
  • Reticles for a few types of ammunition
  • Effective protection against over-illumination
  • Interchangeable with previous version without necessity of any modifications
BPK-3 Technical Specification
Magnification (day channel / night channel) 6x / 5,5x
Field of view (day channel / night channel) 10° / 6°4’
Resolution 12” / 31 lpmm
Image intensifier tube (type / generation) XD-4 / eq. gen III
XR5 / eq. gen IV
Power supply 26V ± 4V
Operating temperature range -40°C to 50°C
Dimensions 355 x 458 x 308 mm
Weight 20 kg