MeoNox DF 1 Tarsius

Download product sheet: MeoNox DF 1 Tarsius

Night vision clip-on attachement MeoNox DF 1 Tarsius is intended to be used in combination with day time riflescopes for weapons to adopt weapon system to a night conditions or it can be used separately as a night vision monocular for night observation with magnification 1x or with additional 3x magnifying module (booster). The clip-on attachement is placed in front of a riflescope by special adapter by using a quick release NAR (MIL-STD-1913) mount. The device is available with image intensifier tubes IIT of all generations.


  • MeoBright
  • MeoDrop
  • Shock Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrogen Purged
  • External Bright Control


Magnification 1x
Objective Diameter (mm) 50
Image Intensifier Tube XD-4, XR5, 4G, 4G+
Resolution (SOA) ≤80
Field of View (°) 12
Focus Range (m) 10 to infinity
Brightness Adjustment (S/C) continuous
Recoil Resistance (g) 500
Human DRI* 5x zoom (m) 1900/800/350
Human DRI* 1x zoom (m) 800/370/350
Power Supply (V) 3 (1xCR 123)
Battery Lifetime** (hrs) min. 40
Automatic Shut Down (Y/N/hrs) Y/3
Operational Temperature Range (°C) -40/+60
Storage Temperature Range (°C) -45/+71
Moisture Resistance [+23/+40 °C] (%) 80/98
Water Resistance (m/hrs) 2/2
Dimensions without Mount and with Covers (LxHxW) (mm) 196 x 60 x 93
Weight with Covers, Mount and Battery (g) 780


* Coefficient of atmospheric clarity min. 0.8 at 1 km in natural night illumination 5x10^-3 lx, when observed target contrast against background is 0.6 - for XD-4 IIT
** 1pc - Lithium CR 123 3V and ambient temperature +20°C
SOA = Second of Angle
DRI = Detection, Recognition, Identification