MeoDot DFx Micro 1

Download product sheet: MeoDot DF Micro 1

Compact reflex sight designed for pistol. Also can be used as back up optical sight (BUOS) for rifles fitted with main riflescope with high magnification like sniper rifles (SR) or designated marksman rifles (DMR) on the top of the fron mounts ring or angled picatinny rail. Its very thin frame allows the operator to have a good overview with both eyes open on a target zone blocking very limited part of field of view. Also can be mount as optical sight for shut gun.


  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • MeoBright
  • MeoDrop


Magnification 1x
Objective Diameter (mm) 24x17
Dot Brightness* (cd/m2) 65 000
Vertical Range (MOA) 100
Rectification - Vertical step (MOA) 35/360°
Horizontal Range (MOA) 100
Rectification - Horizontal step (MOA) 35/360°
Recoil Resistance (g) 800
Dot Size/color (MOA) ≤3/Red
Dot Illumination Levels (Day/Night) continuous
Manual Intensity Mode (Y/N) Y
Power Supply (Type/V) 3 (1xCR 1632)
Battery Lifetime** (hrs) 30 000
Motion sensor (Y/N/g) Y/0.1
Automatic Shut Down (Y/N/hrs) Y/14
Operational Temperature Range (°C) -25 / +60
Storage Temperature Range (°C) -35 / +71
Moisture Resistance (+23/+40 °C) (%) 92
Water Resistance (m/hrs) 1/0.5
Dimensions with mount (LxHxW) (mm) 47 x 49 x 28
Weight with mount and battery (g) 60


* max. intensity level day, ambient temperature +20 °C
** 1pc - 3 V, size CR 1632, 140 mAh and ambient temperature +20 °C, 2nd day level of intensity