MeoNox DF 1 Cougar

Download product sheet: MeoNox DF 1 Cougar

Night vision device (NVD) with a wide range of use. As a personal NVD could be used for helmet holder or as a night vision clip on device behind day aiming system (red dot sight) eventualy as a handheld observation device. For shooting during the night at medium and longer distances, NVD could be used with 3x magnifying module. Image intensifier tube (IIT) contains white phosphorus, wich guarantees excellent resolution and the quality of transmitted image.


  • MeoBright
  • MeoDrop
  • Shock Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrogen Purged


Magnification 1x
Objective Diameter (mm) 22
Eye Relief (mm) 25
Image Intensifier Tube 4G
Resolution (SOA) 2.5
Field of View (°) 40
Dioptric Correction (D) -4/+3
Focus Range (m) 0.25 to infinity
Brightness Adjustment (S/C) continuous
Recoil Resistance (g) 500
Human DRI* 1x zoom (m) 970/320/175
Human DRI* 3x zoom (m) 2250/860/450
Power Supply (V) 1.5 - 3.6 (AA/CR123)
Battery Lifetime** (hrs) min. 52
Motion sensor (Y/N/g) Y/0.1
Automatic Shut Down (Y/N/hrs) Y/15
Operational Temperature Range (°C) -40/+60
Storage Temperature Range (°C) -45/+71
Moisture Resistance [+23/+40 °C] (%) 80/98
Water Resistance (m/hrs) 2/2
Dimensions without Mount and with Covers (LxHxW) (mm) 134 x 57 x 73
Weight with Covers, Mount and Battery (g) 350


* Coefficient of atmospheric clarity min. 0.8 at 1 km in natural night illumination 5x10^-3 lx, when observed target contrast against background is 0.6 - for XD-4 IIT
** 1pc - Lithium CR 123 3V and ambient temperature +20°C
SOA = Second of Angle
DRI = Detection, Recognition, Identification