Current information about measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection

In order to protect the health of employees, their families and the public from the risk of coronavirus infection, we have taken the following measures:

  1. Increased disinfection of premises - since the beginning of March we have been increasingly disinfecting common areas in Meopta and places exposed to human contact. We do our best to provide disinfectant soaps in dispensers in common areas and soon to provide even easier to use disinfectant gel for the most exposed areas.
  2. Meeting people – from the beginning we regulate visits to Meopta, we canceled all excursions, events, trainings and meetings of larger groups of employees, we move the negotiations to the online environment, from tomorrow we close the company restaurant for lunch. Even if there is a little suspicion, we allow our employees to take immediate leave or unpaid leave and, where possible, work from home. Pregnant women and employees over the age of 60 are allowed to take leave or work from home where possible according to the nature of the work.
  3. Travel restriction – already at the beginning of March, domestic and foreign business trips were regulated to the necessary minimum. Last week, business trips were completely banned. Employees who have traveled abroad are obliged to report this to their supervisors, including details of their trip.
  4. Awareness – company crisis staff meets daily, responds immediately to the situation and shares up-to-date information with employees, so they are gradually getting instructions on the general principles and the right approach in this crisis situation. When schools and then some kindergartens got closed, we immediately communicated to employees the possibility of providing care for their children.
  5. Preventive temperature measurement – from this week we provide several thermometers that measure the temperature on the forehead so that everyone can individually verify if they are running fever or not. We have prepared instructional material on how to behave in case of elevated temperature. Similarly, all passengers of the suppliers or freight forwarders entering the premises will undergo temperature measurement and information inquiries.
  6. Protective equipment – we appeal to employees to use masks. Due to the paralysis of the market, we are not able to secure masks in sufficient numbers, but we encourage employees to wear masks at work throughout the working day and when commuting to work. It is not about fear of contagion, but about basic human consideration. We are also working to ensure the greatest possible preventive resources for our employees, their families and their neighborhood.

On behalf of the management and owners, we thank all employees for their solidarity and loyalty to the company. We appreciate your responsible approach and we do everything we can to cope with this together.