Social responsibility and sponsoring

Meopta accepted the whole concept of social responsibility as its own and tries to apply it in all fields.

Emphasizing efficiency and effectivity of application and consistently evaluates social return of investments.

CSR in Meopta consists of following areas:

Care of employees

Quarterly and annual bonuses
Shorten working hours
Flexible working hours (according to the nature of the work)
Home office (according to the nature of the work)
5 weeks holiday
Contribution to company meals, catering available in the company restaurant
Vending machines on the company's premises
Contribution for pension ensurance
Possibility of housing or transport allowance
Employee benefits program - Benefit Plus cafeteria system
Other discounts and bonuses - eg discounted prices for the purchase of Meopta products, discounted calls in the T-Mobile network, discount for multiplex cinemas, the Přerov pharmacy network, OBI Přerov, Datart and more
Sports, cultural and charitable events for employees

Culture and education

Support of education in the field according to the employee's annual plan
Language learning support
Retraining programs
Internal training courses
Lectures in the field of personal development
Educational exhibitions (archive management)
Scholarship program for talents, internships for students

Protection of nature and human health

You can find more about our approach to the environment here


Promoting the memory of the nation



Cooperation with schools, universities and research institutes

Site development

Sports and leisure

Customer care