Meopta will support vital line-of-sight technology for BAE Systems’ CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Our company will participate on production of key components for the CV90’s fire control system made by BAE Systems. Meopta - optika signed the agreement at NATO Days 2017 in Ostrava together with Saab company where both companies are subcontractors of the project.

So called UTAAS (Universal Tank and Anti-Aicraft Fire Control System) - a system developed by Saab company - will be part of production in Meopta. There are more than 1200 combat-proven CV90s in seven nations: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. BAE Systems is offering the CV90 to replace the Czech Army’s fleet of BMP II IFVs. Meopta´s participation in BAE Systems´ Czech CV90 offering can lead to future business opportunities. 

Read the press release by BAE Systems here.

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