Healthcare and life science

High standards and medical certification

New technologies and methods are being constantly developed to improve healthcare in terms of diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Meopta develops and manufactures a wide range of products applicable in many medical fields. Only the highest technological standards can match high demands of the industry.

Meopta produces optomechanical subsystems, which are used in dentistry, ophthalmology or dermal otology. 

Additionally, Meopta produces Image Intensifiers for X- ray Imaging Devices - C-shaped frame (C-Bogen).

We are also able to supply the whole Image Chain which consist of leaded housing, RTG objectives and integrated cameras.

Production of subsystems for medical use requires very specific and precise technologies and processes. Meopta fits the standards of medical production compliance and is certified with ISO 13 485 and ISO 9001 2008.