Digital projection

Meopta and projection technologies have a long history together. Meopta started producing high quality cinema projectors more than 60 years ago.

Today’s market of digital projection is much more advanced and so are our technologies and capabilities.

Meopta played a global key role in the digitalization of cinemas, by providing subsystems to projection systems all over the world. We mainly focus on beam splitters and opto-electro-mechanical subsystems, which are used in projectors all over the world in high end modern 3D cinemas, digital cinemas and other projection venues.

We are one of the largest global producers of TIR (Total Internal Reflector) color prisms, which are used to split white light into the RGB tricolor components that illuminate DMD (Digital Micro Mirror Device) chips. We have a vast understanding of controlling problematics such as light scattering or heat mitigation.

Our customers are deeply satisfied with our high end production quality of their sub-assemblies and applied coatings technologies, which play a fundamental role in securing crisp resolution and high contrast picture quality.

As the digital projection technologies develop further, we keep up the pace in order to provide cutting edge solutions and continue to support the projection industry just as we have for many decades before.