Semicon wafer inspection

We are developing and manufacturing sub-assemblies that are used in complex wafer inspection systems in the semiconductor industry.

Today in Meopta we leverage the experience we have gained from the semiconductor industry for over the past two decades.

The optical and mechanical components of these systems are developed and produced in Meopta using cutting edge technologies, which support customer requirements in a wide spectrum from IR, visible, and DUV areas (most commonly in 466, 266, 193nm but with capabilities from 1700nm down to 150nm) for the semiconductor industry.

In Meopta we focus on robust process management according to semiconductor industry standards such as Supplier Quality Assessments and many others. We are fully committed to any “Copy Exact” (golden unit) requirements and we fully understand its necessity and its execution within the entire supply chain.

Meopta leverages its vast experience in system clean room assemblies, which take place in standard class 100, limited class 10, and ability of class 1 (for testing purposes) clean room environments (according to the US Federal Standard 209 E). About two fifths of our clean room areas use AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination), we support UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) cleaning solutions for critical components of UV and DUV systems, and ESD (Electrostatic discharge) sensitive applications. Click here to learn more about our Cleanroom assembly

We offer hi-tech mechanics and testing in real time conditions according customer’s needs.

We won Applied Materials supplier of the year in 2013.