Target Acquisition / Identification (Visible & SWIR) (defence and security)

In the field of Target Acquisition / Identification we are mainly focused on defense and security customers.

Meopta has been producing optical and opto-mechanical military optics, sub-systems, and final products for decades. We continue to adapt and apply the newest and high-end technologies for future soldier solutions.

Our assemblies and final product portfolio consists of riflescopes, sights, military range finders, night vision systems and surveillance systems for handheld, tank, avionics, and marine time applications.

Meopta is producing opto-mechanical subsystems, oculars, objectives, sub-assemblies and loose optics.

Our typical customers are global systems houses supplying tank, boat, airplane, and handheld gun systems to defense and law enforcement procurement companies as well as the MODs of countries all around the world.

With more than 20 years of experience on this market Meopta offers a big advantage in research and development of subsystems and we understand the necessity of flexibility and the ability to adapt to specific customer requirements on a case by case basis.

All of our production and working processes understand and abide by all military legislation requirements, limitations, certifications, and laws.

We support our customer by offering our integrated all-in-one services.