Meopta to participate in the supply and operation of CV90 combat vehicles

Meopta, a traditional supplier to the Czech Armed Forces and many other NATO armies, manufactures optical sights, night vision devices, riflescopes, telescopes, and advanced optical systems for armored vehicles and aircraft. Recently, Meopta has been frequently mentioned in connection with the state tender for the purchase of CV90 infantry fighting vehicles from BAE Systems. Specifically, Meopta will be responsible for the production of the unique UTAAS (Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft Fire Control System) targeting technology.

"Meopta will participate in the production of the UTAAS targeting system for the CV90 infantry fighting vehicles by BAE Systems. This involves the entire production and testing of the complete UTAAS system for SAAB, which is a subcontractor for this system. Negotiations with our Swedish partner are still ongoing, but the main points of cooperation have been clarified, including the scope of collaboration, specific products, and financial share. Currently, we are already implementing partial activities for which we have received orders from SAAB," explains Pavel Šťastný, Sales Director of Sporting, Military, and Industrial Optics.

In the past, Meopta has supplied the Czech Armed Forces with various equipment, including the ZN4 Lynx night vision sight (a standalone night vision sight with deliberate reticle), the NV-Mag 3A crew-served night vision sight (an additional night vision sight with 3x magnification) for assault rifles, the ZD 5x40 day sight with backup collimator ZD-RD/A for light machine guns, and the CDND-1 driver's combined day/night sighting system for Pandur armored vehicles. The contract for the production of the UTAAS targeting system is a logical continuation of the military cooperation. "This is a significant contract not only for the Meopta group but also strategically important for the entire Czech Republic's defense industry. We highly appreciate the conditions of this tender, which involves intensive participation of Czech companies, particularly because these companies will gain new know-how. We can confirm this based on our cooperation with the BAE Systems and SAAB groups on this project. In addition to the cooperation on the Czech CV90 project, which is significant from Meopta's perspective as expected, we are very pleased that we have also been able to negotiate strategic cooperation with Saab and BAE Systems Hägglunds on their other projects. As a result, Meopta will have a significant share in the production of UTAAS sights for all upcoming CV90 programs, both in the Czech Republic and in other countries such as Slovakia," adds Šťastný.

Meopta is one of the strategic companies in the Czech Republic and this year marks its 90th anniversary since its founding, when it began developing telescopes, observation devices, and scopes for civilian and military use. Today, Meopta is a global technology company with partners worldwide and advanced manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and the United States. It employs 1,700 people, with 99% of its production exported to over 70 countries around the world. Meopta now develops and manufactures advanced optical and optoelectronic systems, ranging from military and sports optics to semiconductors, digital cinema projection, medical, and industrial applications. A significant competitive advantage is its own development center and industrial quality control.