Flat optics

Meopta manufactures various geometrical shaped prisms including wedges, filters and substrates for reticles.

Optical prisms, wedges and windows are produced with flat, highly accurate polished sides that are arranged at precisely controlled angles to one another.

They are used in optical systems to deflect or redirect beams of light. They can invert or rotate images, disperse light into component wavelengths, and separate states of polarization.

For meeting the most strict angle tolerance requirements, we are also using our specialized pure optical contact methodology, which has been developed over decades of experience.

Production portfolio

  • Right-angled prisms
  • Cover glasses
  • Filters
  • Plano-parallel plates
  • Test plates
  • Integration rods
  • Penta prisms
  • Roof prisms - i.e. Schmidt, Dove (Wollaston)
  • Corner cubes reflector
  • Wedges
  • Rhombic prisms
  • Brewster windows
  • and more…
Flat Standard for high volumes Limit quality (low volumes)
Material All glass type Germanium, CaF, ZnS, ZnSe
Dimensions 3 - 320mm (with restrictions) up to 320mm (with restrictions)
  All standard types of prisms, polygons, wedges, filters, reticles, etc.  
Central thickness tolerance +/- 0.02 mm +/-0,005 mm
Angle tolerances 2 arc min +/- 1 arc sec
Flatness Up to λ/10 (P-V) Up to λ/50 (P-V)
Surface irregularity Up to λ/10 (P-V) Up to λ/50 (P-V)
Micro-roughness >5Å RMS (based on material) >= 2Å (based on material)
Bevels Per customer requirements no bevels possible
Scratch - Dig (MIL-PRF-13830B) 40-20 10-5