Spherical optics

Spherical lenses are the most frequently used optical elements, either alone or in various combinations.

A simple lens has two spherical surfaces, the centers of curvature of the connector consists of an optical axis of the lens.

According the shapes of surfaces and their combination creates elements with positive or negative power and change in focal lengths.

Simple lenses are often cemented due to suppression of chromatic aberration, or compensation for other imaging defects in pairs - duplicates or multipart bound systems.

In addition to spherical optics we also include spherical mirrors, whose reflective surface is deposited metallic or dielectric reflective layer.

Product portfolio

  • Plan-convex, plan-concave, bi-convex, bi-concave and menisc lenses
  • Cemented doublets and multielement cemented lens systems
  • Concave and convex mirrors


We are using the most modern German equipment for manufacturing, using technology Synchrospeed and also classic technology using conventional polishing pitch.

If necessary, we use in-house technology MRF for the accuracy correction of the surface shapes.

Our machinery makes us very flexible and allows us to meet all customer requirements for their maximum satisfaction.

Spherical Standard for high volumes Limit quality (low volumes)
Material All glass type Germanium, CaF2, ZnS, ZnSe
Material quality (nd, vd) +/- 0.0005, +/- 0.5% Melt controlled
Wavelengths 266-1600 193-3000
Dimensions Convex, concave, PCX, PCV, DCX, DCV  
  4 to 150 mm up to 300mm
Centration up to 0,5´ up to 0,5´
Optically effective area > 95% edge to edge
Central thickness tolerance / dimensions +/- 0.03mm +/- 0.01mm
Surface Sag +/- 0.025mm +/- 0.010mm
Tolerance of centered diameter: +/- 0.01 mm +/-0,005mm
Power (P-V)  λ/1  λ/4
Surface irregularity (P-V) Up to λ/10 (P-V)   λ/20
Surface micro roughness (0,1-0,001mm) >5Å RMS (based on material) >= 2Å (based on material)
Protective chamfers Per customer requirements no bevels possible