Precise machining and heat treatment

Meopta has one of the largest machine parks for production of precision mechanical items in the region.

Overall, we have more than 120 CNC machines from renowned manufacturers, which are constantly renewed and we hold up with current trends and developments in the field of machining.

Thanks to the integrated measuring center, using 3D measuring devices we are able to document and meet the most demanding customer’s needs. Production facilities are fully air-conditioned. Heat treatment is an integral part of the production process and is done in our own facilities.

We produce parts in the following areas:

  • Turning including production on machines with driven tools and counter mandrels (common parameters: workpiece diameter 1-200 mm, workpiece length 300 mm, accuracy IT 5).
  • Milling at 3, 4 and 5 axis centers (size of the workpiece 800x500x450mm, accuracy IT 5).
  • Grinding flat, round, internal grinding and jig grinding (precision IT 4).
  • EDM technology, excavation and wire cutting.
  • Metal works (cutting, bending, welding, soldering), threading, thread rolling, hand grinding, lapping and honing.

 Our products are thermally processed on a multi-line with a controlled atmosphere and in a single compartment furnace for vacuum hardening or for work in controlled atmosphere of nitrogen at a maximum temperature to 1300 °C (annealing, annealing for magnetic properties, normalizing, gas quenching - high speed cutting steel, tool steel and tempering , normalizing, duralumin hardening, carbonitriding, hardening and tempering).

Most commonly machined materials are:

  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • selected types of non-ferrous metals
  • magnesium
  • titanium
  • plastics
  • and more