Vacuum coating

In addition to Meopta’s manufacturing technologies focusing on optical components, vacuum coating of thin layers is a key competency which specializes in many different applications.

Meopta has earned a reputation as a reliable source of high-performance optical thin-film coatings for a wide variety of antireflection, enhanced reflection, beam splitting, polarization, laser damage, and spectral filtration requirements.

Our coating facilities contain a unique combination of coating deposition systems (hot and cold substrate deposition), which are located in Class-1000 or Class-10000 (US Federal Standard 209 E) work environments.

We have over 40 vacuum chambers and some of them utilize ion assisted technology. Currently we are producing custom wavelengths from 193 nm 1600 nm.

We have a special team of designers for thin film layer development, which are constantly improving, innovating, and testing all thin layers in a specialized spectral laboratory.

Currently produced coatings

Range: UV, Visible, NIR (wavelengths 193 nm – 1600 nm)

Vacuum coating Standard for high volumes
Wavelength range 193 - 1600nm (UV, Visible, NIR)
Anti-reflection Single-layer
Dielectric filters Cut on and cut off (shortpasss, longpass - IR, UV filters), dichroic filters
Mirrors Dielectric (VIS, "cold" mirrors, "hot" mirrors, laser mirrors)
  Metal (Ag, Al, Au, Cu, Cr)
Polarized and non-polarized beam splitters Dielectric
Neutral (grey) density filters Dielectric
Technology IAS, E-Beam, APS, hot and cold substrate technology
Enviromental class 1000 & 10 000
Measurement Spectral laboratory, SPECORD machines, various types