Surface finishes

Excellently mastered surface finishing is key for our own products and products of our customers.

We have the facilities to ensure surface finishing in a wide range of potential requirements, including automatic anodizing lines for larger series.

We have these types of finishes:

  • anodizing a.k.a. Anodization treatment, which greatly improves the corrosion and mechanical properties
  • electroplating (zinc, cadmium, matte and bright nickel, copper, chrome decorative)
  • current-free plating of steel and copper alloys, including heat treatment for improving of tribological properties
  • zinc phosphating, alkaline oxidation of the steel a.k.a. blackening, chemical oxidation of aluminum alloys and black oxidation of copper alloys
  • painting with solvent paints in a modern paint shop, including kilns
  • screen, tampon and laser marking

Technologies we own in the area of preparatory processes:

  • blasting
  • grinding
  • brushing
  • polishing
  • tumbling
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • acid bating